zainab Lee Carrol
Kryon Channel, San Diego, USA

The Life Lesson reading I received is by far one of the most accurate readings I have ever had. It showed a depth of knowledge about me that was really remarkable. Those on an introspective path can benefit from the revelations of The Life Lesson report."

deborah Deborah Stewart
Corporate Trainer, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Reading my Life Lesson report made me smile, and nod my head at the same time. Having been on a path of growth and self-transformation for years, this report accurately and undeniably described me, showed me my gifts, traits and most importantly how I was subconsciously creating challenges in my life. I love simple, to the point, teachings, and this report does just that. It is so satisfying to know that finally, somebody "gets you", and to receive the acknowledgement of your true talents and gifts is very freeing. The guidance the team gave me based on the Life Lesson report has finally shown me how to live a more successful and peaceful life. This report is an important roadmap to navigate life with and I finally now understand who I am. "

zainab Zainab Chandiok
Wife And Mother, New Delhi, India

The Life Lesson revelation and the remedies that came with that have helped my life-long high anxiety to reduce significantly. I have understood the cause of the anxiety which is related to my Life Lesson, and that awareness has helped me a lot. The report was accurate and helped me to become keenly self-aware and expedite my transformation into a more relaxed and complete being by facilitating the release of my long held negative patterns. This is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking relief and growth."

zainab Saimohan Pahwa
Businessman, New Delhi, India

After an abrupt and heart-breaking end to my 20 year marriage I was apprehensive about starting a new relationship. I did not want any more surprises so I got my Life Lesson reading done. The reading was extremely accurate and the team patiently clarified points that could have easily been misunderstood. I understand myself much better now and I have been able to nurture the new relationship without any fear, with this new found clarity. It is obvious to me that all couples can benefit from the insights this reading offers as it will result in greater harmony, understanding and mutual acceptance and reduce conflicts and friction."

Dr.Sonia Softa Gulati Dr.Sonia Softa Gulati
Radiologist, New Delhi, India

The most significant information in my personal journey was my Life Lesson. Being aware of my Life Lesson brought me relief from many of my problems. It made me more relaxed, and helped me forgive others and myself easily. Living with my Life Lesson in mind prevented old patterns from repeating. This has freed my time and energy to create more OF my goals in life!"

Rosalia South
Healer/Channeler Anchorage, USA

The Life Lesson diagnosed my Life Lesson very precisely. This reading helped me a lot to understand what I need to learn instead of resisting it. I am grateful that I could get this done because the new self-awareness it gave me has helped me to accelerate growth in all areas of my life and that's why I strongly recommend it. Besides the remedies that this report comes with have helped me balance myself physically and emotionally."

zainab Abhimanyu Mishra
Brand Consultant and Film Maker, New Delhi, India

I have dabbled with various gurus and life enhancing programmes for decades. I couldn't apply the teachings consistently and remained shackled to my self-sabotaging patterns. Upon a relative's recommendation to do the Life Lesson reading, I began with a lot of scepticism. But the answers and solutions it gave me finally broke my chains of self-sabotage. I became a new human being. My family members' Life Lesson readings have hugely benefited us too, in our relationships and parenting. I wish we had received this information much earlier for the benefits have had a lasting impact on our lives."

zainab Suruchi Bhardwaj
New Delhi, India

Learning my Life Lesson has given me great insights and clarity about my attitude, relationships and my life. I have been able to make changes which I couldn't before with the help of this precise personal road-map. Living my life with this road-map in hand has brought me freedom and joy like I had in my early 20s. This reading is very accurate and has provided solutions that my previous experiences with Vaastu/Feng-Shui, Astrology did not provide. I have done this reading for my 11 year old daughter too and now understand her deeply and can guide her precisely in harmony with her Life Lesson so she can attain her full potential. I recommend this report to anyone who wants to live with clarity, joy and freedom."