Teachers and Gurus from both modern and ancient times have emphasized the value of awareness. Awareness of oneself is the most important focus of your awareness. So if you already have awareness, we all do, then why do Gurus and teachers emphasize it so much?

Think of someone close to you, someone you live or have lived with in a close relationship like a sibling, parent or friend. Can you see what that person is missing about themselves - one thing that you tried to explain to them many times because seeing it can make their life much better? While you see it clearly, they just don't see it. The same way they can see something about you that you just cannot see that can benefit you enormously. This example proves that our self-awareness is limited. Our teachers and counsellors also have limited self-awareness and that limits what they can show you about you.

If you have been on an inner journey and become aware of your emotional baggage, belief system etc., we congratulate you! We want you to know that living in a 24x7 awareness of your life lesson, The Life Lesson, is the fastest way we know to make your life smoother, happier and more fulfilling.

The Life Lesson report is much like an MRI into your conditioning and consciousness.

Wouldn’t you like to become aware of

  • What life is trying to teach you constantly through seemingly tough patterns, and how to learn it and transcend these patterns?
  • What your deepest fears and insecurities are really, not what you perceive with your limited self-awareness, so you can become free and peaceful?
  • What your innate strengths and weaknesses are so you can make better choices?
  • Which personality traits bring you happiness and which bring you misery so you can become a happier person?
  • What your REAL desires and motivations in Life are so you have greater clarity about your decisions?
  • What you need to know about your potential partners to have meaningful partnerships?

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