Are you surprised by certain personality traits in your child? Are you frustrated by your child?
Do you want your child to reach his/her full potential and still be happy, and not stressed?

Demystify your children, you can. All children are different and require different inputs. You can 'customise' your parenting to be 100% correct for each of your children so he/she grows up into a balanced, confident, empowered human being (it is quite simple, actually). This understanding also makes your relationship with your child largely conflict-free and peaceful! It requires that you understand the Life Lesson this Soul has come to learn as your child and his/her life, and other deeper traits about your child.

If you are like most people you have forgotten your cherished dreams from your youth and are busy surviving, and fighting stress. You wish for more freedom and security, for more flexibility and perhaps less struggle, boredom and loneliness. Modern and ancient sciences have emphasised the key role of one's upbringing in the quality of one's life as an adult.

If you want your children to be happier and more-confident, if you want them to reach their full potential and be free and expanded, you need to give them an upbringing that is not only different from how your parents raised you, but also 100% customised to the child's specific needs/nature.

We have been advising parents about changing their children's schooling/education, diet, habits, communication etc. with amazing results that benefit both the child and the parents. This is because we can see the child's inner 'software'. We feel the best, most impactful gift you can give your child is to learn about who she/he really is and what lesson he/she came to learn in this life, and then nurture them accordingly. This can give you a lot of peace and satisfaction too.

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