Namaste, we are a small team of food scientists and engineers who have uncovered and studied ancient Indian sciences for diagnosis and holistic treatment beyond Ayurveda and popular Astrology. In 2009 we developed an 8-step process which is exhaustive and one reading can take us up to 5 hours to complete. Over the years we have made the process more efficient but it still takes several manhours to finish one reading.

Our research team is based in New Delhi, India and we interact with our clients in partnership with Scientific Wellness Services Pte. Ltd, Singapore. Most of us are researchers and keep ourselves busy with our applied intellectual pursuits. Two of our experienced team members interact with clients like yourself to answer questions, explain the readings and offer guidance. Since our work is slow and time-consuming and our backlog never-ending, we request that you send in your order at the earliest and contact us by email with any further information you may need. Emails will get you the quickest replies from us.