Did your life get better every time you worked harder, every time you gave more of yourself to others?

Understanding your personal Life Lesson improves all areas of your life quickly and permanently, regardless of where you are in life now. You have the natural ability to learn your Life Lesson and that is the missing piece you have been looking for. Your Life Lesson is very well hidden and it is highly unlikely that any teacher or Guru can reveal it to you. Our modern process can uncover it for you.

  • Stop attracting tough, repetitive circumstances that are trying to teach you your Life Lesson, and start attracting much better circumstances instead by becoming aware of your Life Lesson
  • You want clarity. Get increased clarity by becoming aware of your real motivations, desires and fears
  • Gain greater control over your life by transcending your out-of-control behaviours and impulses that create self-sabotage. No will power required
  • Instantly gain higher self-acceptance and self-confidence with improved self-understanding
  • Reduce conflicts
  • Enjoy better health, stable relationships and a satisfying career
  • Find satisfaction by breaking difficult and persistent patterns and living a free and expanding life
  • Prevent unwanted outcomes
  • Reduce your fears and worries dramatically by understanding the current and future potentials of your life


The information in this reading is invaluable to anyone who is:

  • looking for successful partnerships – personal/professional
  • on an inward spiritual path and wants greater self-awareness
  • keen to be a better parent to their children
  • looking for right the profession(s) for themselves
  • trying to increase their self-confidence or lower their anxiety
  • wishing to improve their health and align their diet and lifestyle with their own unique Energy Imprint
  • trying to understand another person before/during a relationship with that person,
    e.g. potential employee, current or potential mate, sibling etc


Our propreitary 8-step analytical, diagnostic and remedial process is unmatched in the world

  • Our technology is based in Vedic Astrology, Ayurveda and other diagnostic sciences of Ancient India (from the time of the Vedas). Vedic Astrology includes two non-physical planets whose impact on individual lives is as strong and evident as the physical planets. Can you guess why this pair of planets is ‘invisible’? This pair creates much of the duality in our lives and is an important contributor to one's Life Lesson. Using modern technology we have created a cohesive system that gives us more in-depth insights into individuals than ever before.
  • With inputs you give us we create a multi-dimensional model of your Energy Signature. We then study this accurate representation of your Energy Signature to gain insights that other unidimensional systems like popular astrology, palm reading etc. cannot offer. This analysis reveals your specific Life Lesson, and information about your personality, health, relationships and life trajectory.
  • The following inputs are required to determine your specific “Energy Signature” and Life Lesson:
    • Your facial and other physical attributes
    • A crayon drawing that you will make for us
    • Some of your life choices (required for some people only)
    • Your birth date, place and time (we can determine your time of birth if you are uncertain about it)
  • The report we generate is delivered to you verbally (on the phone/Skype), with a written supplement. In it we also recommend remedies based in Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Yoga, Mantra, etc. that can help you learn your Life Lesson more easily and enhance the positive in your life while mitigating the unwanted. These are not compulsary to follow and we can answer any related questions during the verbal delivery of the report.

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